Maintenance Mistakes & How to Prevent Them

Seven Maintenance Mistakes & How to Prevent Them

Mistake No. 1:
Cleaning only with water can be very detrimental to your marble floor. Water contains chlorine, salt and some other minerals that will diminish the shine if used on a regular basis. In addition, water doesn't have the ability to cut through dirt and mainly dust will be removed.

Solution: Use special neutral cleaner that when mixed properly with water will keep the floor looking beautiful all the time.

Mistake No. 2:
Not replacing the cleaning solution frequently enough can create stone problems. First, it will leave streaks all over the floor and second, the grout joints (especially if they are light color) will get dirty very rapidly.

Solution: When you damp mop the floor be sure to divide the area into a few sections. Whenever you notice that the cleaning solution becomes cloudy and dirty, immediately replace it with a fresh new solution.

Mistake No. 3:
Cleaning mop head is not kept clean. By using a mop or cloths that are soiled and dirty, you are actually tracking the dirt back into the floor and grout joints. Dirty mops can create streaks and an unattractive look.

Solution: Be sure to designate a special mop or cloth for your marble floor. Keep the cloth or mop head clean all the time. Wash them thoroughly after you have finished the cleaning with neutral soap and warm water.

Mistake No. 4:
Floor is not vacuumed or dusted enough. Remember that sand and grit is the number one enemy of your marble floor. They become like sandpaper and start to abrade the shine. If you don't vacuum the floor enough, it will wear off faster than it should.

Solution: Make yourself a habit to thoroughly vacuum or dust mop the floor before cleaning. You'll be amazed how good the floor is going to look.

Mistake No. 5:
Not using a door mat can affect the amount of sand and grit that are brought into your house. And as you already know, sand and grit will diminish the shine and will create a lot of scratches.

Solution: Purchase a door mat and install it by your main entrance and any other exit or entry to the house. You can buy it in any home center, janitorial supply or carpet retail store.

Mistake No. 6:
Using the wrong cleaning chemical can ruin your marble floor very easily. Marble is a soft material and made from calcium carbonate that is very sensitive to any acid or high alkaline chemicals. Do not use any tile cleaners, vinegar, ammonia, alcohol (Windex), Ajax, etc. on your marble floor

Solution: Use only liquid stone soap or neutral cleaners that have pH7.00 and were made specifically for cleaning stone. In this way you prolong the stone life.

Mistake No. 7:
Not having a planned program for maintenance can affect the look of the marble floor. By skipping cleaning days and polishing dates inevitably will cause the shine to diminish.

Solution: Designate the days that you want to clean the marble floor and stick to it. Have your floor cleaned and polished once a year by Royal Care Services! Doing that will keep the level of the shine steady and it won't deteriorate rapidly (which will require restoration).

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